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Dave Matthews Band Poster Links
DMB Official Store Go to the official DMB site to buy official tour posters. Currently many are available -- several at reduced prices.
Poster Artist Links
Farm Barn Design The Farmbarn Art Company.
The Decoder Ring Another DMB related design group.
Ames Brothers Design Known primarily for their work with Pearl Jam, Ames has also worked with the DMB.
Patent Pending Industries Responsible for a handfull of DMB posters.
Lure Design, Inc. Designers of several DMB posters from the 2004 tour.
Methane Studios Design and illustration. They have produced several DMB posters.
Poster Pop Featuring art from: Coop, Kozik, Forbes, Derek Hess, Shag, Almera, Pizz & Olivia.
Frank Kozik The Frank Kozik resource center. Kozik is the man!
Emek The home of Emek art. An amazing talent.
Mark Arminski The home of artist Mark Arminski. A great artist.
Poster Info / Poster Retailers Sites
EB Art Guide An amazing museum of posters and prints built by poster enthusiasts. Many DMB prints are featured, including detailed information on each print and in many cases recent sales history.
SF Rock Posters One of the best rock poster sites out there. A great reference for BGP collectors.
Gig Posters An incredible museum of posters, flyers and handbills from around the world. Not only can you view the posters, you can speak with the artists.
The Shame of Rock and Roll Not many DMB items here, but this is a great site for concert poster collectors.
Visual Gallery This is another great reference site for poster collectors.
Phil-A-Arts Phil-A-Arts has a few DMB posters available, and has frequent auctions on ebay. A great looking site with a ton of other rock posters.
Wolfgang's Vault An incredible amount of DMB posters and tour related memorabilia can be found here. The official site for all Bill Graham items.
Poster Storage and Supply Sites
Yazoo Mills Quality poster tubes - the shipping standard.
Bags Unlimited Bags Unlimited offers storage supplies for most everything, including archival quality backing boards and sleeves for posters. Plus all prices include shipping!
Some Other DMB Links
DMBAlmanac.com Fantastic site for setlists, show details and other DMB related info
DMB Tattoo A Dave Matthews Band Tattoo Collection Site
Ants Marching Ants Marching is a great place to find DMB related info including setlists.
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